Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosure Installations, Repairs & Replacements In the Bronx, NY

From designing and fabricating to installing or repairing of heavy tempered glass enclosure units for the shower or the bath, Bronx Shower Doors, New York City are the complete experts. We pride ourselves on quality service and outstanding customer support.

We are top-notch tradesmen experienced in installing any frameless or framed shower or bathtub enclosure system: inline, neo-angle, 90-degree, mixed panel and door, or steam unit. We use 3/8″ and 1/2″ tempered glass, using only high-quality USA manufactured hardware in a variety of metal finishes (Brass, Chrome, Gold, Nickel, Copper, Stainless Steel) Acid-etched glass, ultra clear Starphire (low iron glass), and many types of textured glass are available. All work is measured, delivered, installed and insured. Most items generally fabricated in less than 10 days!!

We also carry affordable standard-sized framed and frameless tub enclosures with 1/4″ tempered glass sliding doors in lustrous anodized aluminum trim- in silver, gold or bronze- boxed and ready to install by you or us. Bronx Shower Doors are experts in shower enclosure repair. Shower 6We carry replacement parts for many types of shower enclosures including:

  1. Frameless Shower Doors
  2. Frameless Pivot Hinge Shower Doors
  3. Frameless Steam Shower Enclosures
  4. Hydro Single Sliding Shower Enclosures
  5. Frameless Shower/Tub Screens
  6. Frameless Tub Screen Doors
  7. Frameless Custom Shower Enclosures
  8. Semi-Frameless Bypass Sliding Shower/Tub Enclosures
  9. Framed Bypass Sliding Shower/Tub Doors
  10. Framed Shower Swing Doors

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